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Every Sunday Night

Time: 7pm – 7:55pm

Tuition: $75.00 per person

Limited to: 4

Each invited guest calls in from the privacy of their own home

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The Skype Psychic Reading Event

Ever wonder how you can Star Host your own Private Home and or Business Skype Psychic Reading Event without needing to take on all the responsibilities of collecting fees, making sure you have your place looking great for when guests arrive and all the other parts for making a meaningful memorable event and true success story? Perhaps, you are having difficulties getting the required number of guests to hold an event?


Since July 2003, numerous requests from a growing number of seriously interested people worldwide who do not have much time, and with travel and mobility concerns, have asked dr.fahey to offer discerning clientele his unique Skype psychic clairvoyant and wellness life coaching services. The best part is that as little as two (2) persons can attend to set a date.

Each Skype Psychic Reading Event consists of at least two (2) participants, but no more than five (5) with one participant acting as the Star Host. From the comfort and privacy of your homes each invited guest may sign in and connect from anywhere in the world and be LIVE and hear what messages from the beyond are waiting for you from the Other Side. Now, how cool is that?

LINK: Click here!

dr.fahey begins in the same manner as he would if this was a live performance briefly talking about his psychic abilities, intuition, contacting the spirit world, followed by psychic readings, with brief intermission periods to give psychic answers to psychic questions. All invited guests will get to share his or her personal excitement, laughter and fun on a more intimate level because of the private and relaxed format.

Set a day/date/time today with dr.fahey and be the next Star Host of a Skype Psychic Reading Séance: Contact dr.fahey right NOW!

Duration: Time varies based on number of participants - generally each person's reading can last up to 5-10 minutes as some psychic messages, including those given by spirits who sometimes have more to say then others. Regardless, dr.fahey will do his best to give everyone in attendance as much personal attention as possible

Current Time Service Fee: $75.00 per person

LINK: Click here!

TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY: The rev. Dr. Robert Fahey does not issue a refund or credit for any reason, regardless of the circumstances


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