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FREE eBook with 3-Psychic Questions

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$75.00 USD     (Normally $87.00 USD)

You Save: $12.00 USD (13%)

Visionary/Spirit Email / Text Readings

​Includes: Choice of one (1) to three (3) Email Readings/monthly: Each One (1) Question will give a simple reply: One-page (01-50 word response) ​(Up to $12 in savings!) BUY 3-PSYCHIC QUESTIONS - GET FREE eBOOK!

the details

Subscriptions are on-going for 12-months from the date of purchase. Payments are automatic per month.

Your monthly reading can be held on either first, second or third week of each month and you can choose the day of week and time.

Subscription dates and times are secured on a first come basis. Again, we will notify you by email once date/time is confirmed.


  • "Does my Reading and/or email question(s) roll over if I do not use them or do they expire at the end of the month?" There is an expiration at the end of every month.

  • Can I offer my monthly Reading or email question(s) to a someone else?  Yes! If you are not available to make your monthly Reading, for any reason, or simply would like to transfer your appointment or email question(s) as a spiritual "Gift" to someone, please notify us within 24-hours with your email (on file) to make the change! Please carefully read all terms.


About LIVE Psychic Readings

Please always check the Book Now calendar to make an appointment yourself. You can call, write or text us for help anytime. We will call, write or text you if a change is necessary. LEARN MORE

  • I do book Private Readings. Most of these readings are conducted on the telephone or through Zoom. I conduct readings for people all over the world by telephone. The distance is not an issue because the person who has passed is in the room with me. The most important factor is that you, the living person, is open and ready for the reading. The next most important factor is that we have a good telephone connection. There is also a limited number of “in-person” readings. The “in-person” readings are conducted prior to Private Home Psychic Galleries while on tour throughout New England and Florida.​

There are two types of telephone readings available, “Life Psychic Questions” and “Mediumship”.


  • Life Questions” reading ($300 per person - 25-minutes): I will answer your questions regarding career, health, relationships, questions about children/family, and guidance on navigating your own abilities. “Mediumship” reading: In this reading, I will connect with the person or people you choose. It will take 25 minutes to connect with one person, and it will take an hour to connect with more than one person who has passed. The people I will bring through are the people you have energy on, not just any person, but the people you had a strong connection with. You may schedule a combination Life Reading and Mediumship reading, this will last 55 minutes. For more information, please email us at or go to:

the fine print


Private sessions are by appointment only and subject to availability • Due to individual differences in client commitment and participation, no EXPRESS or IMPLIED warranties are given • All Terms and Conditions on Website Apply • Other conditions may apply 

Believers Wanted.

Some things are true whether you believe or not.


Experience the BEST psychic medium clairvoyant reading NOW! Let Dr. Fahey be your one doctor, one psychic source, spiritual adviser, and to help guide you today. Since 2003, Dr. Fahey has completed more than 50,000 individual and group psychic readings, 20 Annual Psychic Dinner Galleries, and authored three books. More professional working adults have looked to Dr. Fahey to advance their inner wisdom about themselves and others, and to achieve personal and work goals than in any other way.


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