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Frequently Asked Questions

What YOU should KNOW before Getting a Psychic Reading from a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant


Q. What is a psychic spirit medium?

A. A psychic spirit medium is a person with an increase in psychic ability, and who is sensitive to those in Spirit and spirit influences. Spirits communicate with a medium generally at first through the “3-Cs” clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (sensing). Messages given by spirits to a medium originate in the mind of the medium. First bits and pieces of information come followed by a clearer connection and spirit messages. A medium can receive spirit messages in various ways although rarely the same way twice, regardless of the spirit. Spirits are not accessible at all times because they have spiritual work to complete in the Spirit world. Therefore, a specific spirit does not have to show up in a spirit reading. Additionally, if they do show they may give more or less information than in a prior or future psychic spirit reading. Thus, a person getting a spirit reading should never judge or compare a psychic spirit medium on their psychic ability to connect with the spirit world, or spirit loved ones. In essence, a psychic spirit medium can only charge for the time they provide to get whatever they can from the spirit world at the time when the reading is set to take place, and not for their psychic talent only. Whatever comes through spirit at the time of a reading comes through, and much of this depends to a large extend on not just the gift of the medium, but more so the psychic energy of the person who is getting the reading. This is why it is so important not to have any expectations going into any reading. More important is that if a person having a psychic spirit reading holds an attitude of being judgmental, critical, or has specific wants from the reading process, then know that this type of mindset will quickly “reduce” the psychic energy and spirit messages given. In all likelihood, the person will experience a similar energy they hold leading to only disappointment or doubt regardless of outcome. Perhaps you have had the experience of being with someone who just wants what they want when they want it, and with expectations because of past knowledge or experiences (whether good or bad), and who has developed an attitude of wanting or expecting more in a way that they only think it should come. This mindset quickly develops negative criticism for most life experiences and brings about unfavorable conditions during a psychic reading process. No matter how good or hard a psychic spirit medium tries to offer spirit messages, or spiritual guidance, the mind of the person getting the reading continues to move in one direction, that of analytics, comparisons and wanting more. After spending over a decade in research and practical experience, including writing three books on the subject of mediumship, and completing more than 25,000 psychic spirit readings, I have concluded the following. If ever a person develops any degree of disappointment regarding the outcome of a reading, it is in my opinion, that the person should strongly consider taking out some time to discover more about themselves and the subject matter.  Perhaps you have had the experience of being with someone who just wants what they want when they want it, and with expectations because of past knowledge or experiences (whether good or bad), and who has developed an attitude of wanting or expecting more in a way that they only think it should come. This mindset quickly develops negative criticism for most life experiences and brings about unfavorable conditions during a psychic reading process. No matter how good or hard a psychic spirit medium tries to offer spirit messages, or spiritual guidance, the mind of the person getting the reading continues to move in one direction, that of analytics, comparisons and wanting more.

Q. Medium or Psychic: What is the difference?

A. A spirit medium performs unlike a psychic and in doing so provides different types of information in a reading. A medium connects with loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side and the messages received are a result of spirit communication. A psychic attunes to and interprets a person’s past, present and future and making contact with the spirit world does not usually become part of the reading. Regardless of the type of reading one is about to receive, as a research medium and psychic, I hold the belief that no matter what we think, say, or do in life, it is always good to have a healthy dose of skepticism to keep balanced. Otherwise, confusion by the influences of other people, places, and things may cause us to wonder too much and not realize the value or meaning behind the truth. With this point in mind, through research, practice, and spirit demonstrations, I continue to seek out what possible truths can come from science and experimentation.

Q. What more should I know about a medium?

A. Contrary to popular belief, a spirit medium is not a machine who can randomly turn on and off like a light switch his or her psychic ability. There are many subtle factors involved in the channeling of information. There are times when everything falls nicely into place and a strong spirit communication link is established. Then, there are other times when this may not be the case. Any failure to make or maintain a strong link with the Spirit world or any one spirit may have nothing to do with the medium, or the sitter so again we must never judge any psychic work in progress completed based upon any one sitting. Once more, this is why a person is always paying more for a psychic or medium’s TIME, and not just their psychic gifts.
Q. Dr. Fahey, do you believe in angels?

A. Yes, I do! In fact, a recent survey shows that I am not alone. The majority (77%) of Americans believe in angels. Additionally, according to a survey of 1,127 adult residents of the United States conducted by Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University, one out of every five Americans believe he or she has seen an angel or knows someone who has. 75% of adults in the poll answered "Yes" to the following question, "Do you believe in angels, that is, some kind of heavenly beings who visit Earth, in fact exist?" Another 73% believe  angels still, "Come into the world even in these modern days." Religious believers and cynics agree that public interest in angels has risen dramatically in recent years, partly because of popular Hollywood movies and television productions. Here are some of my favorites:

A Gifted Man (2011) TV Series (CBS)

Hereafter (2010) starring Matt Damon

MEDIUM played by Patricia Arquette (NBC)

John Edward Cross Country (WE tv)
Ghost Whispers starring Jennifer Love Hewitt (CBS)
Dragonfly (2002) starring Kevin Costner
The Sixth Sense (1999) starring Bruce Willis
City of Angels (1998) starring Nicolas Cage
What Dreams May Come (1998) starring Robin Williams
Ghost (1990) starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, & Whoopi Goldberg
It’s a Wonderful Life (1939) Starring James Steward


Q. Can you explain mediumship and its purpose?

A. Mediumship or spirit communication is a process whereby a medium under proper conditions get spirit messages from those who have crossed over to the Other Side – into the Spirit world. Spirits transmit messages to a medium for many reasons that can include, a life cut short, closure, and for the intention of healing.


Q. Do you schedule private psychic spirit sittings?

A. Yes. Ninety percent of the readings are now done through Skype, telephone, online Chat and through email. Additionally, LIVE sittings are completed prior to scheduled public or private psychic galleries. Each session, or “sittings,” as they are called can last up to twenty-five (25) minutes. Fee: $200.00


Q. Do pets cross over to the Other Side?

A. Yes, anything that lived and you loved is waiting for you when you die. I talk about how pets come through in psychic spirit readings in my latest book “Spirit Masters, Spirit Stars.” Pets are like family and you can expect them waiting for you. Bring photos of your pet soul mate to events!


Q. Do you have any good suggestions as to how we can better prepare ourselves before a private psychic spirit reading?

A. The sitter, meaning YOU whether in a public demonstration, or private sitting plays a vital role for it is YOUR energy, positive mindset, and love that makes up to a large extent the atmosphere of whether a spirit feels welcomed. A key ingredient to a getting a great psychic spirit reading is to keep your mind focused on only positive thoughts, as this will provide the right energy needed for success. When negative thoughts, emotions such as anger, resentment, impatience, or distractions and expectations are present they can easily create congestion and an atmosphere not conducive for spirit communication. In a public demonstration, everyone is looking for a connection. You need to be considerate and respectful of others; thus, you can help by being present, yet not creating distracting noises or movements (leaving the room, snapping gum, crinkling papers) as they can all be distracting to others including the medium. 

Q. Do you actually “see” spirits?

A. Yes! I do see spirits – the process takes place in my mind. Many times spirits make themselves visible. Also, like an antenna, my mind enables me to receive and see, hear, feel, smell, and taste things in subjective ways beyond the ordinary. Anyone can learn how to do this. Did you know babies and animals see spirits all the time? My dog SPOT sees spirits. I always sense the presence of a spirit and this does not bother me, as I know they want my help.

Q. Do you have a private mailing or email list?

A. Yes! To simplify records there is a special confidential list of those that want to stay connected with me. The purpose of the list is to inform you about up-coming events and classes prior to public notice. My email is easy to remember: mailto:
Q. How should I conduct myself during a spirit or psychic reading?
A. During a sitting, you should be discerning when it comes to predictions. Tomorrow’s fate is planned spiritually today. The energy of those plans exists within your aura; however, know that no prediction of the future is etched in stone. Positive changes can always be part of the experience. Always use good judgment concerning the future. Furthermore, always remember that the most effective attitude to have during a sitting is one of hope, love, harmony and that of cooperation. If you have had prior psychic readings, never compare one with the other, or one psychic experience, with another as the practice of be a psychic is NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE. Now, the people who can most benefit from spirit communication are those dealing with grief or have suffered a loss, such as a life cut short or to complete unfinished business. Fear, loneliness, and confusion are all emotions we deal with. Spirit communication can provide an opportunity for closure, a grasp of peace, and a full knowing and healing. Through a sound spirit or psychic reading, we can gain knowledge of the condition in the higher phases of life and an understanding of natural laws that govern the universe. We can derive evidence of continuity between the physical and spiritual phases of life. These can include receiving comfort by way of communication with our loved ones who have passed into a higher expression of life to remove the fear of death, or comfort the bereaved, encouraging the sad, and to supplement our own spiritual hopes.


Q. What might I expect from a spirit or psychic sitting with you?
A. Noteworthy would be that during a spirit reading with a medium, there is a special yet uncanny attitude about the medium that develops and experienced as one realizes a positive and powerful unique and personal three-way process of spirit communication unfolds. The medium becomes much like one standing on a bridge between the Spirit world and the physical world when the three combine for making a contact. These three-parts include a) you, the sitter or client, b) the spirit, and c) the medium. More important, all three come together in a spirit reading “sitting” with a supreme feeling of hope that the client will be able to validate all or even bits and pieces of the messages given by the medium by way of verification of the spirit, the messages given, or both.
Q. What is spirit life like?
A. Spirits have a variety of duties. They work and live like you and me. Some help new arrivals to the Spirit world, while others are healers, teachers and doctors. Other spirits help mediums and psychics to communicate. Whatever responsibility or duty we have here, spirits also have in the Spirit world.
Q. What do you mean when you say the Other Side?
A. The Other Side means to bridge two worlds. To do this, a process takes place in the form of a person who wants to make contact with those in the Spirit world. What is important to understand is that no medium can ever guarantee a certain spirit contact. Like us, spirits also have free will. When I connect with those on the Other Side, I know not all spirits at all times are accessible as they too have work in the Spirit world. Secondly, there is no requirement for them to show up. Our love appeals to and attracts those in spirit to us whether they be family, friend, teacher, or a pet. Again, this happens because of love, meaning your love and not that of the medium.
Q. What happens if someone I do NOT want to speak to comes through?
A. A spirit medium CANNOT choose who comes through in a spirit reading, not what messages. However, a spirit medium does usually have the ability to ask a spirit to leave, and if necessary ignore who comes through in hope to terminate the spirit link allowing for a chance encounter with another spirit. In every instance, I found this approach to bring unsuccessful results. My conclusion is that we always get what we need, and never what we want in a spirit reading. That is why it is always best to go into a spirit reading with no expectations.

Q. Do you ever get any information regarding lottery or “lotto” numbers?
A. I do. I actually won two times, but not enough to make me a millionaire, yet! Recently, I psychically choose four numbers out of five and for a dollar won $550! Still, please know that those in the Spirit world attempt to influence us positively in spiritual matters and are only interested in our higher spiritual understanding and awareness. By the way, I did have a caller who asked whether she should invest her life savings on one bet in a lottery. The caller told me for over a week her deceased ex-husband kept coming to her in a dream telling her to take all the savings and play this one number. I questioned the woman about her ex-husband and quickly discovered he had a gambling addiction. With that information, I had to tell her she would be better off not following this advice. A week later the woman called to tell me the number given to her by the ex-husband never did appear and if she did what he wanted, she would have lost everything. Just because someone dies, does not mean he or she becomes a saint on the Other Side.
Q. Do you ever withhold information?
A. Never! I would rather be wrong and give you messages than hold back anything. As a medium and psychic, I provide only positive ways and means to get the messages to those they are intended so a validation, that is to say, “proof” can be made and if possible quickly so I can move on to the next incoming message.
Q. Can you explain why a spirit communicates through a medium?
A. A spirit communicates messages through a spirit medium to say they are okay, thank you, that there is life after death, and to inspire us. Spirits do not make a presence to tell us about romance, finances, or about our career. That is not their job. Spirit does not come to live our lives or to make decisions that we should be making for ourselves. Just as there is a mindset for privacy among all in the physical world, there exists one in the Spirit world. Therefore, spirit, nor do spirit guides follow you around everywhere you go, unless you want them too.


Q. When should I seek a medium and what else should I do?
A. The most valued spirit readings occur when there is a true need for spirit communication with a medium. More important, one should keep a genuine focus on self-reliance before seeking a go-between in any matter and in this case, there is no exception. What is important to understand is that mediums are here only to help make the connection that is otherwise difficult, but by no means is the only way to connect to the Spirit world. Before seeking a spirit medium, ask yourself what reasons you have for wanting to make the communication. Is it simply out of curiosity? Is it just to see what relatives might come through? Is it out of true need to know a spirit is present in your life? Your reasons, the ones that are the most deeply felt by you will have an effect on your spirit reading experience.
Q. Can you explain to me what validation of spirit means?
A. A validation takes place when information coming through the medium is true and verifiable for the sitter. Validation helps to prove that the information coming through is from someone other than the medium. The process gives an assurance that it is coming from the spirit and that is truly them speaking. All successful spirit readings contain some form of validation.
Q. I am waiting for a certain sign in a reading, but have not received it. Why is this?
A. Specific mindsets, wants, and expectations will always reduce a spirit reading for all concerned. If you were meant to receive a special sign, you would get it, or you already have received it and maybe not aware of this. I have watched many people rush to reduce or refuse to acknowledge thousands of spectacular validations from special loving spirits and spirit messages just because a certain sign was not delivered and received in an expected way. Generally, when we ask for a certain sign from the Spirit world or a spirit, it comes, but in a place and time we least expect them too.
Q. Can you tell me how to know a real spirit medium and psychic from a fake?
A. Many skeptics would have you believe that no spirit medium is for real and that all spirit communication is a parlor trick. A spirit medium receives information they know is not their own. Skeptics define all mediums as fake by saying spirit mediums use cold reading techniques and other methods. Of course, in the end of all the debate, one needs to make a choice, to believe or not to believe. In the end, the only choice that really matters is your own. Let me say that when a real spirit medium is giving a reading, the ideas and or feelings expressed by the spirit are detached from those of the medium. This is why it would be ridiculous to compare psychics, or their reading ability, when giving a reading. They can only get what they can the time the reading takes place from the spirit world. There is another important factor, and this has to do with the person getting the reading. Much of the way a reading moves is because of the mindset and energy of the person getting the reading and not the medium. Now couple this with the fact that more often than not the information conveyed is far too valid to be false. Yet, people do it! Perhaps out of fear. Finally, a true spirit medium will never tell you they are 100% accurate all the time. A truly gifted spirit medium on average may be 70-80% correct in their interpretations. Thus, one more time, you really pay for their time of service. Why? Well, because spirit mediums are human and they like YOU, can have off days. As a rule, more times than not, much of the information given should be verifiable right away, and if not quickly, then expect it sooner than later when you least expect it to happen.
Q. What does a spirit medium mean by saying, “Don’t reach?”
A. A spirit medium will at times and if necessary asks you not to try to force the messages to fit. If a person tries to make a name or other information fit, which calls for them to change the information, this is called “reaching,” and this can inhibit the reading as the information must remain “as is” until the spirit puts it together or until that time when we come to understand its meaning.
Q. Why did a spirit use me to get messages to others?
A. Spirits are opportunists for lack of a better word, and can easily see opportunities to connect with their loved-ones where it will be most easily accepted. Usually the messages are important ones. Know it is a blessing to become someone else’s messenger, as it means the relaying of much needed information. Spirit mediums feel this goodness all the time. Remember the statement, “It is better to give, then to receive!” When a person is chosen for this important role, they feel good and generally talk about it with positive enthusiasm as it creates a joyous memorable experience.
Q. Do you offer psychic workshops or classes?
A. Currently, I am scheduled to conduct business, public, and private home psychic galleries throughout New England and Southwest Florida. Daily I provide spirit and psychic readings and intuitive personal and business life coaching to leaders worldwide. I also teach success strategies at ITT Technical Institute. With over 40 years of experience in psychic mind research studies, you can easily see that I love my work and enjoy helping others to develop and strengthen their own insight and intuition to achieve personal and business goals. So for right now, I intend to continue to meet with people seriously interested in business, public, and private psychic group forums or to privately talk about certain subjects of interest such as relaxation breathing exercises, remote viewing, auras, ghosts,  haunting, and if time allows many other aspects of the supernatural. 
Q. Can you tell me more about distance private psychic phone, email, and online private chat readings? 
Distance private psychic phone, email, and online private chat readings have proven to be accurate and useful because psychic energy is not limited by space or time. For example, you can use your eyes and logic to know two people are in different rooms or cities and not near or touching one another. On a physical level, this can be the truth however, the psychic mind on a deeper level, knows that all people and in fact all things are always connected. The same is true with psychic wisdom. The psychic mind knows there is no wall or distance between you and any knowledge important to you. Another way of understanding this is by looking into a pool of water on a clear night. Even though the pool may be only ten feet in diameter, it manages to reflect the entire night sky accurately including the moon and stars. Now imagine every person having a pool of positive psychic energy within that transcends time and location. When one learns to calm its surface, like the water in the pool, they can see reflections of anything no matter how far, simply by looking within. Therefore, know that as long as you give permission and send your name, whether you use your voice or choose to write a letter or email, “I can see you.” You will be as close as if you were sitting directly across from me. My goal then will be to provide you with only honest spirit and psychic readings that will help provide you with strength for greater insight and that will empower you to look ahead to the future with only positive thoughts. With great respect for each person’s unique journey, it is my genuine focus to give only the best spirit and psychic readings possible to better your life.

Q. Can you tell me more about distance private psychic phone, email, and online private chat readings?
Sure! Having a distance psychic private phone, email, or online private chat reading can be healing without having direct contact with the spirit medium and psychic. Some of the advantages include that they are more convenient and may be more readily available day and night, whereas it is often necessary to book an appointment and an appointment can be months away. Additionally, some people may feel more comfortable talking about personal issues to someone, they cannot see and who cannot see them, whereas others may prefer to speak to someone face to face.
What You Can Expect
A good spirit or psychic reading combines accurate insight and wisdom with practical advice, to foster faith and inspiration that encourages self-examination, highlights your own unique gifts and abilities and respects your free will and power to change.


· Honesty: Know you will only receive honest information, the truth as it is given.

· Direction: If we ever come upon something unwanted in a reading, positive energy is applied to move it elsewhere so we will be guided only in a direction that offers a positive outcome.

· Health and Legal: Medical or legal nature will never be given as this can only be given by a medical doctor or attorney.

· Death: No predictions of death are ever given.

· Spells: Love spells, and other types of spells do not work. Asking for a love spell makes an assertion that a POWER is outside our selves. Those interested in love spells think themselves, “I can’t do this so I’ll pay someone else to.” Where does the power to achieve anything come from? It comes from only within. The more we hand it over to someone else, the weaker we become. In fact, any type of love spell will leave a person weaker as it can only dilute one’s own powers.


Q. Why haven’t psychics made millions of dollars in the stock market or won the lottery?
A. As mentioned easily here, some psychics do specialize in financial matters. Predicting financial trends can be a challenge unto itself. Others prefer to focus only in the health, wealth and success areas of life. My focus is in the unfolding of the mystery of the human soul and the spirit world. However, I do have a great deal of insight and foresight when it comes to financial matters. Nevertheless, the best way to solve financial concerns is by meeting with a banking financial specialist.
Can you make someone love you?  
A. We cannot make someone love us. Many people will try to force things to happen in their lives, and especially in matters of the heart. The best way to attract love is to hold a clear idea in your mind of the qualities you are looking for in a partner and to develop a good, loving relationship with yourself. Then, let your own psychic energy work the real magic. That is how miracles happen.


Q. Will you tell me only what I want to hear?
A. We will spend time on matters that need to be addressed and only the truth as it is being seen in my frame of reference will be given.
Types of Questions to Ask 
The best questions to ask are those that do not have “yes” or “no” answers, instead phrasing them as follows: “What will happen if I...” or “Do you see me doing...” or “What can I do to accomplish...”, for instance see example for…
Love, Romance & Relationship
Is it love?
Is it fate?
Is he/she the right one for me?
Is marriage in the future?
What is keeping us apart?
What in the world keeps us together?
Will my best friend ever think of me in a romantic way?
My debts keep piling up and I have no money coming in - is there any relief in sight?
I don’t know what to do for work - what career should I choose?
Will I find a new job?
Can you tell me more about my future?
Personal Forecast for the Coming Month
Personal Forecast for the Coming Year
I’m so confused! Can you tell what the best path for me?
Personal Coaching
Can we talk about my feelings?
Can we talk about my career?
Can we talk about personal motivation?
Can we talk about how to overcome procrastination?
Can we talk about personal coaching?
Can we talk about business coaching?
Can we talk about weight loss?
Can we talk about psychic development, through meditation methods?
Can we talk about stress management?
General Questions
What is the most important thing I need to know at this time?
What should I be working on in my life?
Are there any past lives that I should know about?
What should I be concentrating on?
What is coming up for me with regard to my career?
What is going on with my relationship with (name of person)?
Do my Spirit Guides have any specific messages for me?
Does my Guardian Angel or any other Angel have a message for me?
Will I be successful in life and or in business?
To Contact Robert Fahey, Ph.D.
The Rev. Dr. Robert Fahey reunites you with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. As a spirit medium and psychic, he has the special ability to channel communications between the physical world and the world of spirit. Through his psychic ability, he has learned to trust his connection, giving names, dates, events and information. The Rev. Dr. Robert Fahey channels such information only in a positive light for others. These authentic readings affirm that our loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side stay connected with us. Their energies, levels of consciousness, and states of awareness never really dissolve into thin air but rather stay unified and interconnected with our own. Our loved ones on the Other Side are aware of what is happening in our lives. They communicate and convey their presence in their own mysterious ways. All we have to do is pay attention, listen, and open our hearts to receive.
To grieve the loss of a loved one is a normal process. Your faith and given belief system is one of your most important resources. Trust in it. However, for many, the loss of a loved one leaves unanswered questions, unfinished business, or unresolved issues. Some need to know their loved ones are in a safe and peaceful place. Some never get to say good-bye.
Spirit medium and psychic Rev. Dr. Robert Fahey has learned to trust his connection with the world of Spirit as he conveys spirit messages with profound accuracy. The Rev. Dr. Robert Fahey knows through research and experience that if a special person is supposed to get a message from a loved one who has crossed over to the Other Side, then an arrangement for the connection and validation of the message will take place.
If you would like to make an appointment for a spirit or psychic reading or learn more about how to become a Star Host of your own open or private psychic gallery, write, call, or email Robert Fahey. Information on lectures and demonstrations in public and private businesses, homes and gated communities is also available.
Dr. Robert Fahey, Ph.D.
Call: 239-244-1262

For more information on private and group online intuitive personal and business life coaching programs, lectures and workshops, see on this Website: Intuitive Life Coaching >>


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