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Experience the Process!


A psychic spirit clairvoyant reading is uplifting and empowering, leaving you with positive feelings of hope, closure, a sense that you have more options and insight about life, and peace of mind. The psychic reading experience is designed to help you sort out current situations, give you a deeper  knowing of your past, present, and possible outcomes in your future depending on the path you choose to experience. The goal is to attract more health, wealth, love, and success.


A psychic spirit clairvoyant reading allows you to experience a deeper understanding of the changes you may need to make that can change the outcome of your current situation, to choose a more desirable outcome. The safe, intuitive paranormal experience can help you gain tremendous insight into the status of your relationships and on career decisions and possibilities that connect to your FATE.


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Monday, 02 January 2012 



Official Statement


Palm Beach County, FL, Lic # 2022151003 — DR. ROBERT FAHEY, PH.D., is a super evidential psychic medium, clairvoyant, and spiritual adviser who has for over 20 years safely performed over 50,000 readings, and hundreds of private group events, including 19 Annual Public Psychic Galleries in private homes, businesses, restaurants, and at the best residential communities clubhouses. Dr. Fahey is a researcher, scholar, professor, bestselling author, personal and business life coach, and keynote speaker. Although he sees clients privately, Dr. Fahey also provides telephone, email, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp Chat, and text messaging services for those with busy schedules and with health and mobility concerns. Like all other services and events, those given by Dr. Fahey may be of more interest to some than to others, and thus may be seen as extraordinary by some while being anticipated and enjoyed by others. We understand that there are many beliefs held by many groups and cultures and that the services and events that Dr. Fahey performs may be a concern. The primary purpose of all Dr. Fahey’s services and events are for self-improvement purposes only, research, and if applicable, for entertainment purposes to bring more understanding about consciousness expansion studies and wisdom of afterlife encounters and contact. We know that similar to the practice of many fields including medicine, dentistry, and psychology, the practice of performing psychic work is not an exact science. Yet, we continue to learn more through study and practice. While we understand that some people believe in only one way of thinking about life and the afterlife, Dr. Fahey continues to demonstrate expressive creative interests in mind, body, and spirit explorations with an open mind to know the real-truth about what lies ahead for us all when we transition from one place to another. Dr. Fahey’s events continue to be a major attraction wherever he goes. He knows how to listen beyond words, and helps those who come to him for advice. To provide your comments and feedback, please text 239-244-1262.


Some things ARE TRUE whether we believe in them or not.


Talking with the Dead


Imagine having One Doctor, One Psychic Spirit Medium, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Advisor


Have you seen the Long Island Medium TV show, or before that one The Gifted Man (CBS)? How about the movie Hereafter (2010), starring Matt Damon and directed by Clint Eastwood? The actors plays the part of a medium and psychic doing something extraordinary—they talk to the dead. Intrigued? Now meet the “real deal” psychic spirit medium and clairvoyant dr.fahey. At an early age, he began to see and talk to the dead. There’s more.


Since 2003, local business CEOs, private home owners, and club activity directors of private communities continue to employ dr.fahey to perform his research work on consciousness expansion studies through lectures and demonstration for those that are in need of hope, closure, confidence, and peace of mind. While many spiritual mediums and readers focus their expertise on one small part of the paranormal, dr.fahey has done the research and is able to talk about it all from human auras, psychic love, clairvoyance, to whether pets go to heaven. He has even authored several books on the subject matter.


The lectures and demonstrations events given by dr.fahey is the result of 10 years of performing in front of live audiences throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. To date, dr.fahey has authored three books, and completed more than 35,000 psychic spiritual readings. At a demonstration, while performing a face to face, phone, or private online chat reading, you may experience:


A sense of empowerment, positive feelings, hope, closure, insight about life, and peace of mind


Insights into life’s more puzzling issues: and may have encounters with a “being of light”


Reunion with departed loved ones, including a beloved pet


Tremendous insight into the status of your relationship


Wisdom about how to improve your dating methods and attract your soul mate


The source of your talents, skills, interests, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as of specific symptoms and problems


PRODUCERS: dr.fahey can quickly give psychic answers to  psychic questions


CREDENTIALS: Robert Allen Fahey, Ph.D., author of The Gift: Success Through Positive Mental Energy, and Rainbow Soulmates: They Are All Around Us, and Spirit Masters, Spirit Stars, is a renowned evidential research psychic spirit medium, a college professor, keynote speaker, and an intuitive personal and business life coach with offices in Fort Myers. Dr. Fahey specializes in connecting loved ones who have crossed over to the other side to family, relatives, and friends. He has done numerous radio shows and is always open to talk about new opportunities to speak. Dr. Fahey lives with his wife and pet Papillon (dog) Spot in Fort Myers.


AVAILABILITY: New England, Florida, and nationwide by arrangement and via telephone and other online services; available for last minute lectures and interviews


CONTACT: dr.fahey 239-244-1262



How to Contact Those on Other Side: Spirit Masters, Spirit Stars Published by Outskirts Press


In his newest work, best selling author Robert Allen Fahey, Ph.D., gives the secrets of success for making contact with the spirit world and for receiving messages from those loved ones who have crossed over to the other side and who want to talk to the living as much as the living want to talk to them.

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