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JOIN US FOR THE NEXT EVENT! Register for one our weekly Open Online Public Events or create your own Private Online Zoom home or business setting lecture, demonstration gallery event!  Dr. Fahey currently has limited availability. Please set your event(s) early as possible. Private sittings by appointment only.

Media/Producers: Dr. Fahey can quickly give psychic or spiritual answers to questions.

Availability: Worldwide by arrangement and via Zoom and telephone: limited availability for last minute lectures and interviews.

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SIGNS: Messages of Love - Contacting the Spirit World
Open Public Online Zoom Psychic Gallery Sunday - $29 per person*
7pm-7:55pm / Limited to: 100 


OPEN PUBLIC ZOOM EVENT: Everyone is NOT guaranteed a Reading! Limited to: 100. Experience the Process - A psychic spirit clairvoyant reading is uplifting and empowering, leaving you with positive feelings of hope, closure, a sense that you have more options and insight about life, and peace of mind. The psychic reading experience is designed to help you sort out current situations, give you a deeper knowing of your past, present, and possible outcomes in your future depending on the path you choose to experience. The goal of this open public Zoom Psychic Spirit Demonstration event is to connect with loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side, and to get psychic answers to psychic questions about health, wealth, love, and success.

SIGNS: Messages of Love - Contacting the Spirit World
Private Zoom Psychic Gallery
Call for availability

PRIVATE ZOOM EVENT: You be the Star Host - Create your own Private Psychic Zoom Event! Those on the Other Side want to talk with you, as much as you want to talk with them. Since 2003, Dr. Fahey has captivated LIVE audiences worldwide. He is one of the world’s most renowned and respected evidential psychic spiritual mediums working today. Dr. Fahey connects with the surviving souls of loved ones who have died. As a research evidential psychic spirit medium and clairvoyant, he makes himself available to those who have crossed over to the Other Side acting as a bridge between two worlds so that a communication can take place. He uses his gift to relay messages from an outside source, that of Spirit. Call today!  

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Zoom Past Lives Sunday - $29
8pm-8:55pm / Limited to: 100 

Have you been here before? Do you believe you were someone else? Do you believe in reincarnation? In this special 55-minute educational demonstration you may hear people describe in their own words former families, lovers, enemies and life problems, as well as the sights and sounds of a past era. You may witness other people reliving true moments from another existence. That is, another time...and re-experiencing death and beyond. The journey we take at the instant of death is an ancient mystery. Now you can share in the experience of those who have been there, and then returned to their normal lives.

DAY: TBA - $105 per person 
Limited to: 100

Private & Confidential Sessions for Our Discerning & Selective Clientele: Imagine having One Doctor, One Hypnotist, Intuitive Wellness Life Coach, and Spiritual Advisor: Is it worth it to seek out a professional hypnosis teacher? For some people, making contact with a professional hypnotist to answer questions such as; “What is hypnosis,” “Can it help me,” and “Can I really learn all about hypnosis and self-hypnosis and be hypnotized,” can be exciting! For others, getting help through hypnosis and self-hypnosis can bring to mind many other questions and concerns. If you are looking to explore what benefits scientific hypnosis and self-hypnosis can do for you, look no further! Dr. Fahey provides the most complete one stop hypnotism practice that includes in all available programs intuitive life coaching, self-hypnosis teachings.



ZOOM COACH Spiritual Guidance
1st Sunday Monthly - $105 
6pm-7pm / Limited to: 100 

OVER 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Are you sad, hurt or just out of sorts? Maybe you are changing careers and need guidance. Are you experiencing stress because of moving, a divorce a death of a family member, or maybe you are planning to start a new business. Many of us do not know what peace of mind feels like. What is peace of mind worth to you? How do you stay in control? If you need someone right now who truly knows how to listen beyond words, then look no further. Let the Rev. Dr. Fahey help guide you. You are invited to this ongoing group Skype lecture series to learn about positive mind dynamics so you can be more successful. Complete self-hypnosis training included.

ZOOM HYPNOSIS Relationship Matters
2nd Saturday Monthly - $105 
7pm-8pm Limited to: 100 >>  LEARN


It's not your fault. Dr. Fahey will help you experience the encouragement to see things from a fresh perspective and to create options you might not have realized were there. He we will help you explore a deeper meaning of inner messages and lessons to be learned from a spiritual perspective that relate to situations, relationships, and chronic problems in your life. That is, to help you see beyond limiting beliefs you may have of yourself, or of your situation. He helps you expand your view and stretch to your full potential. Let Dr. Fahey help you discover the goals and visions you have for your life, relationships and family. He will work with you to help you choose the best path to achieve your dreams, your healing today. 

Life Lessons
Presented by drfahey
SUNDAYS - $29 
1pm-2pm/Limited to: 100
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The Rev. Dr. Fahey has read over 700 books on success, nutrition, psychology, spiritual and universal laws that govern our lives and can help you not only find the time to start and succeed but go one step more . . . he will teach and guide you to better know and apply the principals and skills so you can achieve more health, wealth and success today. Similar to going to class, you are invited into his online Zoom classes. Seating Limited: Registration is required and rewarded on a first come, first serve basis. BUY tickets early. Advance tickets are available.   

Stop Smoking 

2nd Saturday Monthly $105  / 6pm-7pm Limited to: 100 

"I must stop smoking, Dr. Fahey! I cannot go on this way much longer. I cannot write letters or do any kind of work unless I have a cigarette in my mouth. My fingers and teeth are becoming discolored, my hands shake like an old person, and my appetite is almost completely gone. Also, I am always so tired. And now, the cancer reports really have me worried. I am sure I am a prime candidate for cancer. I have tried everything to stop smoking, but, it is just no use. Do you think hypnosis may do the trick for me? "


Sound familiar? If you, or someone you know wants to stop smoking, let hypnosis be your chance for a new life.   

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Teachings by drfahey
Sundays - $29 / Limited to 100
9:00PM 9:55pm    LEARN

iSextalk can now be your LIVE sex wellness, nutrition, and life coaching hypnosis lounge where you can tune in and get turned on by all the positive exciting news to help you get what you need to help your sexual and relationship life issues. The weekly Gift Gallery presented by Dr. Fahey, Ph.D., includes sex education, wellness and life coaching, sexual nutrition tips, and 30-minutes of erotic hypnosis to focus and power up your sexual being. 


COMING ATTRACTIONS TOPICS TO INCLUDE: General Sexual Issues / Sexual Nutrition / Building Confidence / Communications / Independence in Relationships / Attracting Your Soul Mate / Fear of Commitment / Put the Spark Back / How to Get Over a Relationship / Dating Confidence / Approaching Women/Men / Meeting People Easily / Overcome jealousy / Anxiety / Fear / Worry / Shyness 


Pet Readings by drfahey
Saturdays - $29 ($95 Value)
2pm-2:55pm / Limited: to 100
*Not everyone is guarantee a reading or spiritual message in public events.

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MindSpa SuperCharger
Get Piece of Mind - STRESS Relief - Nix Negativity
Daily MindSpa - $7 / 25 minutes
Limited to: 100 
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7:00AM MindSpa

Advance Clients Only

Basic Sessions: 7:00PM

ELIGIBILITY: This special Gift Gallery is open to those who have successfully completed the 4-Week Basic Sessions in Self-Hypnosis. Private Groups Welcome to set a special time.


Did you know the thoughts you think about during the first 30-minutes after awakening each morning will govern how the rest of your day goes? Dr. Fahey will help you guide you to experience a better day with mental clarity, happier thoughts, and a more positive energetic outlook. Each morning an induction will be for following topics: Stress, Career, Healing, Peace of Mind, Devine Intervention, Self-Empowerment, and Building Positive Relationships

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