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January 2, 2022 / 6PM
This is a special offer.

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Maybe you have been here before!

Join the legendary psychic spirit medium and clairvoyant DrFahey for an incredible experience as he demonstrates a calm and safe Hypnosis and Pastlife Discovery Voyagers. You just may uncover your previous lives, characteristics, language, psychological traits, in-depth analysis of your current personality, and much more!


Tickets are awarded on a first come, first serve basis


Past Life




Each Session (Value $400)  $29.00



1-session $29.00

2-sessions $54.00

3-sessions $75.00

4-sessions $90.00

5-sessions $100.00


(Value $2400.00)



At a Group Gallery / BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

No tape recording devices will be allowed during group or private sittings.

TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY: Dr. Robert Fahey does not issue a refund or credit for any reason, regardless of the circumstances. Be prepared.

Because of individual dynamics and levels of participation Not everyone who attends any one private or group past life event is guaranteed to experience of a past life regardless of EXPRESS of IMPLIED written or verbal messages.

Psychic Gallery Event Program

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DISCLAIMER: Due to individual difference in ticket holder commitment and participation, there is no guarantee you will have a past life experience, spirit encounter or healing messages in these events. All Terms and Conditions on website apply and


NOTE: You may register for any class at anytime!

Pastlives Introduction (10-mins)

Voyage into Pastlives (40-mins)

Analysis of Your Journey & Q&A (5-min)

​​Class #1: The Golden Staircase*

Transcend into The Gallery of Your Life: See remnants of everything and everyone in your past.


Class #2: Doorway to Your Past Life

Imagine seeing whether you were a male or female in your past life, the clothes you liked, your social and financial status. What part of the world you lived and in what eara, and whether you were happy. 

Class #3: Past Life Visions

You are given the opportunity to relate and connect to things in your past life through special words. 


Class #4: Past Life City Walk

You may hear, taste, touch, smell and feel the people, places and things of your past life.

Class #5: Past Life Healing Light

You are guided to a healing light that allows you to cross over into your past lives.


Class #6: Past Life - Interlife

Experience your life before life. What did you write in your Book of Life before being born?


Private Sessions: Past Life Analysis (Private)

(Optional) By Appointment Only. Let Dr. Fahey help you better understand your hypnosis and past life experiences. 


DISCLAIMER: Due to individual difference in ticket holder commitment and participation, there is no guarantee you will have a past life experience, spirit encounter or healing messages in these events. All Terms and Conditions on website apply and   

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  1. Have you ever experienced a feeling of déjà-vu?

  2. Are there fears that you remember having had your entire life, or since childhood?

  3. Do you have recurring dreams?

  4. Are there places you have always dreamt of visiting? Are there places you would NEVER want to visit?

  5. Are there periods of history with which you felt more kinship and enjoyed more?

  6. Are there areas of the country you feel negative about? Is there an area of the country you feel drawn to?

  7. Are there any particular people that you feel drawn to or have an interest in (racially, religiously, or socially)? Are there some people you have instantly felt close to, even if you have not known them long? Are there people you have been repelled by or felt uncomfortable with, even if you have just met them? 

  8. Do you have favorite foods? What are they?

  9. Do you have talents that you have always known about, even if you have never used them?

  10. Are there any chronic problems, emotional issues, or attitudes that you can attribute to early childhood?  

DESCRIPTION: Have you been here before? Do you believe you were someone else? Do you believe in reincarnation? In this special 55-minute educational hypnosis and past life discovery demonstration you may hear people better describe in their own words former families, lovers, enemies, and life problems, as well as the sights and sounds of a past era. You may witness other people reliving true moments from another existence. That is, another time...and re-experiencing death and beyond. The journey we take at the instant of death is an ancient mystery. Now you can share in the experience of those who have been there, and then returned to their normal lives.



A journey into a Past Life is often done for fun, just to see if we were someone of notoriety in another lifetime. That is not the complete focus of this demonstration. Additionally, we will briefly touch upon the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues that may have carried over into this lifetime that may be causing you problems in the now. Sometimes when there is a mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual issue that seems to have no origin in this life and cannot be diagnosed by any medical means, this is usually a past life carry over. Many times, by having the experience of a past life visitation, a person is able to recognize and better understand the reason for an issue, thus allowing its release. There is nothing to fear in a past life experience as you can choose to be in the past life body or you can choose to be an observer as though you are watching a video play out in front of you. You are always in control and can stop the process at any time just by opening your eyes. However, once the images begin coming, most people prefer to continue the process as it is enlightening and extremely relaxing.



  • Insights into life’s more puzzling issues

  • Have Encounters with a “being of light”

  • Learn why suicide is NOT an escape

  • Reunite with departed loved-ones

  • Understand the significance of love in our past, present, and future life

  • The mystery of eternity  


Embark on an amazing and rewarding adventure to finally, answer the question, “Why is this always happening to me?”


Reasons People Explore Past Lives


  • Curiosity - Admittedly, it’s just cool to say that you have undergone a past-life meditation. Furthermore, you will be able to share this experience with friends and family.

  • Help for today’s problems - History repeats itself and many believe we continue to experience the same worries, and problems in each lifetime until you learn important lessons. By knowing your past lives you can begin to de-condition yourself and remove your eternal bad habits.

  • The Search for Meaning - Most people believe their lives hold a deeper meaning than is obvious through “surface level” analysis. By looking into your past-lives, you can begin uncovering the purpose for your life today.

  • Helpful benefits - Whether you believe in past-lives or not, going through this type of demonstration is incredibly relaxing. People have been helped by looking deeply within themselves and seeing visual images generated by the mind.


Among other things, you will see:


  • Whether spirits are living with you

  • Why DrFahey believes we don’t die—meaning there is no such thing as The End

  • How illusions and imagination can help define your psychic awareness and promote clarity of spirit messages

  • Whether loved ones on the Other Side have messages for you or want you to be a Messenger for someone else

  • Why some experience more spirit  contacts even without trying or holding the belief that we don’t die

  • What Spirit Guides and Angles do for us when we need them most and how we can tell they are always around us

  • How the once-noted, now-laughed at “beliefs” of world views and great inventions helped to restart afterlife research & experiments at leading colleges and universities

  • Why spirits come to us in dreams


The Fine Print

Promotional value (if any are given) expires 30 days after purchase. Amount paid never expires. Registration required; subject to availability. Standard cancellation policy applies. Terms and Conditions on Website apply. Limit 1 per person, however you may buy up to 10 additional as a gift. All goods or services must be used by the same person. Must use promotional value in 1 visit. Offer is not eligible for any other Dr. Fahey services, promo codes, or other discounts

DISCLAIMER: Due to individual difference in ticket holder commitment and participation, there is no guarantee you will have a past life experience, spirit encounter or healing messages in these events. All Terms and Conditions on website apply and

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Platinum VIP Private Online Skype/Zoom Psychic Gallery* (You must have a minimum of 10 persons and or invited guests - $95.00 per person: $950.00) Link: or

Gold Private Online Skype/Zoom Psychic Gallery* (see demonstration fees starting at $175.00 per person with just two (2) people).


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TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY: The Rev. Dr. Robert Allen Fahey does not issue a refund or credit for any reason, regardless of the circumstances

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