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First Time Reading / WINNER 

Psychic Email / Text Reading

​Includes: One (1) Psychic Email Reading. One (1) Question will give a simple reply: One-page (01-50 word response)

Experience the Process!


A psychic email reading is uplifting and empowering, leaving you with positive feelings of hope, closure, a sense that you have more options and insight about life, and peace of mind. The psychic reading experience is designed to help you sort out current situations, give you a deeper  knowing of your past, present, and possible outcomes in your future  



  • I can't thank Dr. Fahey enough for the amazing readings every time. He is always spot on. I would 100% give him a chance to answer any questions that may be bothering you! I have had a few readings before him and there is nothing like it with Dr. Fahey!


Meridith Helderle

  • Amazing he answered my question and I was surprised how detailed he is I will definitely be going to his event in Cape Coral September . thank u so much and if I have more questions before then I'll definitely email again :)

   Lisa Sierra

  • Dr. Fahey, I have been a nervous wreck with worry. Your words, understanding and compassion were definitely more than I ever expected. I wish I would have the opportunity to know you in person just for the kind of person you are and the genuine caring reading you gave me. I can’t express how much it meant to me and I thank you with all my heart.

 Mary Jane Gossett

  • I am a strong believer in the lord and have turned to Dr Fahey several times when I needed concise answers as to what's in my own heart. We all get confused by the many messages of the world and no one can see and describe your heart and souls cry better than Dr Fahey.

  Hillary Taylor

  • WOW! Dr. Fahey put my mind at ease. It is really amazing how he was able to communicate with my passed relatives in some kind of form, and reassure me that they are near me and very much still in my life. He was so spot on with what he had mentioned, that my mind is still spinning in awe. My anxieties have lessened, because now I can feel that I am still loved and looked out for by those who have passed. Thank you so much Dr. Fahey!

  Sharon O'Connell

  • When I think of Dr. Fahey, the words "Generosity of Spirit" comes to mind. I am grateful that my spirit was led to his spirit, and I am sure that you will be too. Dr. Fahey actually lives the adage, "as you give, so shall you receive". I received more than I could have imagined, and am sure that you will as well. Thank you Dr. Fahey

    Sparky Anderson

  • I had a reading with Dr. Fahey after a dear friend insisted he was the best. I am so glad I did, my life was in a crazy tailspin and I wasn't sure what was next or what I was doing wrong. Dr. Fahey helped me to understand what I was going through and to take a deep breath and know that it was all about to work itself out. I felt so much better after getting some clarity from him. He hit the nail on the head about so many aspects of my life. I will be talking to him again!

  Kelly Chatters

  • I have been to several psychic mediums. I have read 50+ books on psychics, the afterlife, Spirit Guides etc. After reading Rainbow Soulmate by Dr. Fahey, which was so well written and very interesting, (I had a hard time putting it down until that last page was turned!) I decided to meet him and have a reading. I am so happy we met! What a warm, kind, funny, easy going guy he is!! God gave him a gift that he has shared with whoever asks. Please give yourself a gift and call Dr Fahey.

   Kim Reid

  • Dr. Fahey is a truly gifted psychic in our time. I liken him to the sleeping prophet, Edgar Caycee. Dr. Fahey helped answer some difficult questions for me and helped me understand a situation which had me baffled. I can now go forward with confidence that my intuitions and actions were correct in this situation. He's gifted in person, by email, and by phone. I recommend you contact him! Best, HAB

  Heidi Berge

  • What a wonderful talent and person Dr. Fahey is, had a reading today and he was right about it all. Put my mind at ease and let me know I am not alone. Absolutely fabulous!!!!!


   Christine Stabile

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Private sessions are by appointment only and subject to availability • Due to individual differences in client commitment and participation, no EXPRESS or IMPLIED warranties are given • All Terms and Conditions on Website Apply • Other conditions may apply 

Believers Wanted.

Some things are true whether you believe or not.


Experience the BEST psychic medium clairvoyant reading NOW! Let Dr. Fahey be your one doctor, one psychic source, spiritual adviser, and to help guide you today. Since 2003, Dr. Fahey has completed more than 50,000 individual and group psychic readings, 15 Annual Psychic Dinner Galleries, and authored three books. More professional working adults have looked to Dr. Fahey to advance their inner wisdom about themselves and others, and to achieve personal and work goals than in any other way.


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